Fountain in the Garden of Hospital - by Vincent van Gogh

This painting, Fountain in the Garden of Hospital, is about a corner of St Paul's Hospital at St Rémy. This drawing is painted using chalk and ink on paper. It faded to brwon color over the time. . A view of the south-west corner of the garden shows traces of lines that seem to indicate that Van Gogh had once again used a perspective frame. In this drawing, with pine trees beside the perimeter wall, he was still making extensive use of pencil. In particular, the tops of the trees and the passage in the foreground are emphasized with pencil.

This drawing is truely a masterpiece, in a ltter from Theo to Van Gogh, he said: "I think there is more atmosphere in these last works, more distance than in the preceding ones. Perhaps this is due to your not laying on your paint so thickly everywhere. In one of the rolls there was a superb pen drawing representing a fountain in a garden; next Sunday I am going to meet Lauzet, who will admire them very much - I am sure of that."