La Crau Seen from Montmajour - by Vincent van Gogh

While Van Gogh was staying in Arles of South France, he was fascinated by the view from Montmajour, a hill near Arles. He made so many pen and pencil drawings of the landscape there. He wrote to his brother Theo about his feelings to this place:

"The appeal that these vast landscapes have for me is very intense, and so I've felt no annoyances in spite of some essentially annoying circumstances, the mistral and the mosquitoes. If a view makes one forget those little vexations, there must be something in it".

This drawing also demonstrated the inspiration of Japanese art. He used a wide variety of pen strokes and geometric patterns to emphasize the flatness of the landscape. Van Gogh was very proud of this drawing and considered it to be one of the best piece he has ever done.