Letter 06/01/1890 - by Vincent van Gogh

Letter 06/01/1890 - by Vincent van Gogh
Courtesy of www.VincentVanGogh.org

I still have a cypress tree with a star from down there, a last attempt - a night sky with a lackluster moon, a slender crescent barely emerging from the opaque shadow cast by the earth - a star of exaggerated brightness if you like, shining soft pink and green in an ultramarine sky with clouds scurrying across. At the bottom a road lined with tall yellow canes, behind them the blue foothills of the Alps, an old inn with windows illuminated orange, and a very tall cypress tree, very straight and very somber.

On the road a yellow carriage drawn by a white horse and two figures out late walking. Very romantic, if you like, but also very typical of Provence.

Here's an idea you might like - I'm trying to do some studies of wheat like this - though I can't draw it - nothing but blue-green stems of wheat, leaves like long green ribbons shot with pink, ears of wheat yellowing slightly, edged with the pale pink of dusty flowers - a pink bindweed at the bottom winding around a stem.

After this, I would like to paint some portraits on a very bright yet tranquil background. Greens of different quality, but of the same value, so that they form one green whole, the vibration of which reminds you of the gentle rustling of wheat as it sways in the breeze; as a color scheme, it's far from easy.